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October 3, 2011

What About the ‘Maid?: Cost

We can all agree with & that being a bridesmaid comes with a price tag.

  • Before agreeing to be a part of the bridal party, get a general idea of when and where the wedding will take place. You’ll want to know if it’s going to be a destination wedding, so that you can take into consideration travel costs and time off work to attend the wedding. If the bride and groom aren’t sure yet, ask if it would be okay to give a definite answer later when the couple has more details about the wedding. You don’t want to be stuck in a sticky situation where you say “yes” and then be forced to back out at the last minute due to financial circumstances.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about wedding day attire, address them as early as possible. For example, if the bride picks a dress that you can’t afford, take her out for a coffee and explain your situation so that you can come up with a solution together. Don’t wait until a month before the wedding, or after all of the other bridesmaids have already purchased and altered their dresses!
  • For pre-wedding event budget concerns, talk to the maid of honor since she will be in charge of planning most of the festivities such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If you are not able to make an equal financial contribution, offer your time and labor! For the bridal shower, help put together the favors and be in charge of setup and cleanup. For the bachelorette party, be the concierge and research fun activities that everyone would enjoy.
  • DIY isn’t just for the bride! Save money by watching YouTube tutorials and learn how to do your own hair and makeup.
Makeup tutorials:

Hair tutorials:

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The honor of being a bridesmaid doesn’t need to dragged down by dollar signs. Get creative and be a budget-savvy bridesmaid!

September 5, 2011

What About the ‘Maid?: Responsibilties

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. We’re kicking off a monthly series called “What About the ‘Maid?” geared toward bridesmaids to help inspire and answer any questions. In this month’s blog we talk about what your responsibilities will be when you say “I do!” to being a bridesmaid.

Responsibilities: Maid of Honor

You are the bride’s right-hand woman and strongest ally through the entire process. You’ll be there to support her emotionally and to help her make decisions for the big day. Your responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with other bridesmaids
  • Host bridal shower with help from bridesmaids
  • Plan bachelorette party with help from bridesmaids
  • Keep record of gifts received at various parties and showers
  • Spread the word about the couple’s registries
  • Hold onto the groom’s wedding band on wedding day before they exchange vows
  • Hold bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
  • Arrange bride’s train at appropriate points in the ceremony
  • Bustle bride’s train after the ceremony
  • Sign marriage license
  • Make a toast at the reception
  • Collect gift envelopes and keep them in a safe place
  • Purchase wedding day attire (dress, accessories, shoes)

Responsibilities: Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, you’re considered an important person in the bride’s life. Just like the maid of honor, the bride also looks to you for suggestions and help. A bridesmaid’s responsibilities include:

  • Help the maid of honor with bridal shower
  • Help the maid of honor plan the bachelorette party
  • Spread the word about the couple’s registries
  • Assist with DIY projects (invitations, wedding favors, etc.)
  • Help direct guests to their seats
  • Purchase wedding day attire (dress, accessories, shoes)

The honor of being a part of the bridal party comes with a cost. It’s not cheap to be a bridesmaid, so you’ll need to be prepared for the financial responsibilities as well. Stay tuned for next month’s “What About the ‘Maid?” as we break down the costs of being in the bridal party.