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November 2, 2011

Ask Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
I don’t want to have children at the wedding, but there are some kids that I am willing to invite, like my nieces and nephews. If I put “adults only” on the invitations, but guests see other children at the reception, it would seem unfair. How can I fix this situation?

– – – – –

Address the invitation to the parents rather than the whole family on the outer and inner envelopes (Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jennings vs. The Jennings Family). Also, specify the number of guests that are invited on the RVSP (“x seats have been reserved in your honor”). You may still get some phone calls or emails asking if they can bring their children. Kindly let them know that you have very limited space at the venue and you are extending invitations to children for close family members only.
– Wednesday