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October 31, 2011

Wedding for All Seasons: Dressing the Ladies

With Phlox, Cedar and Coffee Liqueur infused as your fall wedding colors, let’s dress the ladies! Don’t be afraid to go beyond the bridal salon to dress your party. Try off-the-rack styles from Macy’s, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor and J.Crew for a great selection that fit your autumn color scheme and everyone’s budget.

Here are our picks for dressing the party this fall!



Coffee Liqueur

October 5, 2011

Ask Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
I know that it’s not cheap to be a bridesmaid, but the dress I want them to wear costs over $250. I’ve looked at other designers and similar dresses, but nothing compares. How can I tell my friends to buy an expensive dress that they may or may not wear again?

– – – – –

Before you start browsing for bridesmaid dresses, talk to your girls individually about their budget. If everyone’s budget is $200, but you fall in love with a $250 dress, maybe you can offer to pay the $50 difference.
– Wednesday