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November 21, 2011

What About the ‘Maid?: Budget-friendly Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be stressful and can put a strain on your wallet, but there are great DIY and budget-friendly ways to throw (and host) a shower without breaking the bank. Here are some great tips to having a first class party in honor of the bride-to-be.

Location, Location, Location
Who says that a bridal shower has to be at a fancy hotel or boutique tearoom? Consider hosting it at your home or another bridesmaid’s home. Or if you have access to a community clubhouse, consider hosting the bridal shower there. You can save on any major rental fees that a hotel or restaurant may charge.

Good Eats
Think about having a potluck where each bridesmaid brings a dish or two to share. Simple DIY dishes like a cheese platter or a fruit tray with some of the bride’s favorite fruits is a great potluck dish. Want to add a fancy touch to the food? Try a simple recipe for creamy brie en croute, savory bacon wrapped dates or festive prosciutto wrapped breadsticks. Also, a potluck shower is a great way to share recipes with the bride – have each bridesmaid write down the recipe on a recipe card and have a recipe box as a gift for the bride.

You don’t need to spend hundreds to turn a room into a well-decorated space. DIY pom balls and paper canopy can add a festive touch!

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