Ask Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
As a wedding gift, my parents offered to pay for the photographer. When we found the perfect photographer and let my parents know about the package deals, my mom completely flipped out at the $3000 price tag! I personally think that it’s very reasonable for what is included (e-pics, 2nd shooter, 30 pg wedding album, 2 parents albums, 1 large framed print, etc.). My mom keeps referring to how much they spent on a photographer when they got married 30 years ago. What do I do?

– – – – –

When family members or close friends offer a specific wedding item as a gift, it is best to discuss a ballpark figure of what they’re estimating. This helps to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion as you (or they) research the gift. You should discuss with both your parents about how much they would like to spend on photography. If their estimate is below what you would like to spend, considering paying for the difference. If you decide to go this route, make sure to keep your parents in the loop and communicate with them openly so that they don’t mistake your decision as being unhappy with how much they’re able to contribute. You just don’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt! Also, you can ask your photographer to put together a custom package based on your budget. You may have to compromise and do without the extras (parents albums, large print, etc.), but you can buy these items at a later date as long as you have the hi-res images on a DVD. For more suggestions and tips on the budgeting process, check out The B Word Pt 1 and Pt 2!
– Wednesday

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