The B Word: Part 2

Now that the wedding budget process is broken down and key questions have been answered, it’s time to be a budget savvy bride. Here are some tips and recommendations on how you can get the most for your buck.

Stick to it!
The key to executing the budget plan successfully is sticking to it. When researching venues, photographers and dresses, don’t look above your budget. If your food and beverage budget is $5000, don’t visit a venue that has a $10000 minimum. This applies to smaller ticket items too. If you’re allotting $800 for a wedding dress, don’t try on the $1000 gown. You think, “it’s only $200 more,” but a little bit here and a little bit there adds up to a big number.

Embrace DIY Projects
Let your inner crafter come out and add personal touches to your wedding. You can always save money by printing and assembling invitations, making centerpieces and creating favors. But remember, don’t try to DIY everything—make a list of what you can realistically handle, taking into consideration your crafting experience, the time it takes to work on a project and if you have additional hands to help. You don’t want this to be a frustrating experience.

When & Where
Consider off-season months (November-April) and days (Friday and Sunday). Most vendors will be more flexible open to negotiating. For additional savings, check out venues other than your typical hotels and country clubs. Local parks, private estates, museums and historic buildings can offer affordable rental fees.

Wedding Dress
Consider renting a dress or even buying a “gently worn” dress. Once Wed and PreOwned Wedding Dresses offer great options, including designer brands, that are affordable. We also love Brides Against Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization that sells new and pre-owned gowns 25-75% below retail price. Save money for a great cause!

PreOwned Wedding Dresses

Photos last a lifetime and and capture the emotions of your wedding day. It’s definitely not something you want to skimp on. If the photographer’s pre-packaged deals are too expensive, don’t hesitate to ask the photographer to put together something that works within your budget. This may mean foregoing extras like framed prints or parents albums, but you can always get those items at a later date as long as you have the original hi-res images on a DVD. Check out Blurb or Snapfish.

Stick to locally grown flowers that are in season. Also, consider bouquets and centerpieces that showcases a single type of flower. This allows your florist to buy flowers in large quantities and get better pricing from flower growers.

Q WeddingsBella FioriAriel Yve Design

Debating between a live band and a DJ for the reception? If you’re working with a tight budget, DJ is the better option! Less people means less money. Or if your venue has a sound system on site, plug in your iPod as your DJ—it’ll ensure  that you’ll dance the night away to all of your favorite songs. Also consider using your iPod for ceremony music and hire a DJ just for the reception. Some DJ companies that offer ceremony music services will charge for the “dead time” between the ceremony and reception.

– – – – –

My Other Half isn’t about sacrificing things that are important to you on your wedding day; we’re about being budget-savvy. It is possible to have a five-star wedding without the $1 million price tag!


3 Responses to “The B Word: Part 2”

  1. These are great tips! Sticking to a budget is very very hard….going through it right now!


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