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August 31, 2011

Ask Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
Should I invite co-workers to my wedding? How can I invite some people without others knowing? Should I forget the workplace altogether?

– – – – –

If you are good friends with your co-workers, you should definitely invite them. However, you are not obligated invite every single person from your office. Be discreet about who you are inviting and mail the invitations instead of handing it to them at work. Maybe suggest a casual office pizza party/wedding shower to celebrate your upcoming marriage so that everyone feels included.
– Wednesday
August 29, 2011

Raising the Bar

As you begin to plan your big day, you start to think of ways to keep your guests happy and entertained. Sure, the first thing that comes to mind is fabulous food, a rockin’ DJ and, of course, an open bar that keeps the liquor flowing. But what about a different type of a bar…an unexpected surprise that adds a little extra oomph to your big day? Here are some great ideas that will have your guests asking for more after the bar closes!

Retro Bar
Pay homage to your childhood memories with a retro soda and candy bar. While most venues provide a soft bar with your run of the mill Cokes and Sprites, think about having bottles of throwback sodas like Orange Crush or Jones Soda. And take it back to the 80s and 90s by stocking your candy bar with Lemonheads, Fun Dip and Good ‘n Plenty!

Katelyn James

Doughnut Bar
Who doesn’t love a breakfast midnight snack? Think of the opportunities you can have with a fun-filled doughnut bar! From sprinkles to powdered sugar, there are many ways to have these delicate delights be a part of your big day.

Tiny Water Photography

Cookies & Milk Bar
Cap off a long night of dancing with a cozy snack that will have everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Set up a cookie bar with milk shots for your guests to indulge in at the end of the night.

Anneli Marinovich

S’mores Bar

Everyone loves a warm campfire and the gooey mix of chocolate and marshmallow. You don’t have to go to the woods to create a delicious s’mores bar. Great for any outdoor wedding, bring the campfire to you and let your guests have fun creating their own s’mores.

Assaf Friedman

August 26, 2011

Foto Friday

A special moment between mother and daughter…

Jen Lauren Grant

August 24, 2011

Ask Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

– – – – –

It depends on many factors such as your financial situation, your relationship to the couple, whether or not you are bringing a date, and the location of the wedding. For example, if you are flying across the country to attend the wedding, you may be expected to gift a bit less. You should also take into considering how many wedding-related events you’ll be attending. It’s suggested that you spend about 20% of your gift budget for each event and the rest toward the wedding gift. For a co-worker or an acquaintance, you should spend about $75-100; for a family member or friend, you should spend about $100-125; for a close relative or close friend, or if you are part of the bridal party, you should spend about $125-150. Don’t forget to count your date! If your close friend is getting married and you’re bringing a date (someone who does not know your friend very well), your gift budget should be around $200 ($125+$75). If you are attending this friend’s engagement party, bridal shower and the wedding, spend about $40 each on the shower and engagement gifts, and about $120 on the wedding gift. (Also, Check out this Gift Calculator by The Wedding Envelope.)
– Wednesday

August 22, 2011

Get Organized

You’ve got the man and the ring…What next? It’s time to start planning for your big day! If hiring a wedding planner is not in your budget, a well-organized wedding planning binder will be your best friend in the upcoming months. As a budget-minded DIY bride, you can take matters into your own hands by DIY-ing a wedding planning binder.

[Tip: Take advantage of back-to-school sales at your local office supply stores.]

  • 3 ring binder
  • 8-10 dividers with tabs
  • Sheet protectors
  • Paper and pen

[Click on the links below for templates and forms.]

  • Calender: Keep yourself on track by jotting down appointments, project due dates and vendor payment schedules. [Tip: Share Google Calendar with your fiancé.]
  • Budget: Discuss budget and priorities with your hubby-to-be and create a spreadsheet of your estimated budget. Make sure to record your actual spending and track any payments/deposits made throughout the wedding planning process. This is the easiest way for you to know if you’re over, on track or under budget.
  • Guest List: Keep detailed information about your guests. This list will come in handy for RSVPs, meal selections, and sending Thank You cards.
  • Venue: When searching for the perfect budget-friendly venue, it’s essential to have an apples-to-apples comparison of your options.
  • Dress: After visiting handful of bridal salons in search of the perfect dress, it can get overwhelming to keep track of everything. Use this section to jot down details of the dress, including price, likes and dislikes. Don’t forget to try on your favorite dresses at different salons as some will offer better prices.
  • Photographer: It’s extremely important to meet with the photographer before making your final decision. As photos last a lifetime, you want a photographer you connect with, someone who can capture the emotions of your wedding day.
  • Flowers: Flowers play a big role in defining the feel of your day. Whether you’re looking for a romantic wedding or a modern affair, it’s important to find a florist who can translate your vision through flower arrangements.
  • Bridal Party: If you’re letting your bridesmaids pick their own dresses, stop by a hardware store and pick up paint chips to give to your girls for reference.
  • Beauty: Print out pictures of your hair and makeup from the trial session. Make note of any changes you would like to see for your wedding day. I’m sure your hair and makeup artist will appreciate this reference on the day-of.
  • Music: Start a list of must-have grooves. Don’t forget to create a “do not play” list as well. You don’t want the Macarena to scare people off the dance floor.
  • Inspiration: This is the fun part! When flipping through a magazine or surfing your fave photographer’s blog, cut out or print any images that inspire you.
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August 19, 2011

Foto Friday

These dudes are dead serious about their ‘staches.

Troy Grover

August 18, 2011

Welcome to My Other Half!

We’re here to inspire budget-minded brides to DIY and to show how easy it can be to add unique and personal touches to the big day.

Our blog is more than a savvy resource for all things wedding; it’s a place to share ideas, encourage creativity, offer advice and showcase the incredible talents of others. We feature imaginative DIY projects and show you how to turn inspiration into reality without breaking the bank.

As a wedding and lifestyle blog devoted to featuring a variety of sophisticated, modern and simply elegant weddings, we’re here to create a place where brides (and grooms) can see how easy it can be to add little details that will make your wedding uniquely you. We help break down the costs and let you know how you can have all the luxuries of a five-star wedding without the five-star price tag.

From colorful inspiration boards to easy DIY tutorials, to finding a celebrated venue to highlighting an amazing photographer — My Other Half virtually walks alongside the bride throughout the wedding planning process…We’re your other half in planning the perfect wedding.

Thanks and we look forward to being by your side. Check back tomorrow for #FotoFriday!!!!!